Virginia PTA Proposed Legislative Program (PLP)

The Virginia PTA launched the 2020 Proposed Legislation Program vote in August 2019 and mailed all appropriate information to all the PTAs/PTSAs in the Commonwealth.
Virginia PTA members passed and adopted the following 2020 Legislative Priorities and Resolutions during the 99th Annual Meeting of the Virginia PTA on January 25, 2020:
  • 2020 Legislative Priorities
    • School Funding and Standards of Quality
    • Improve Mental Health Support
    • Broadband
    • Building Infrastructure
    • School Safety
    • Advance Equity and Diversity
    • Curriculum – World Languages
    • School Quality Profile Data
    • Early Childhood Education
    • Clean Energy for Schools
    • Agriculture: Farm to School with Gardens
  • 2020 Approved Resolutions
    • Electric School Buses
    • Solar Energy for Schools
    • Agriculture Education and School Gardens
    • Equal Taxing Authority for Counties and Education Funding
    • Early Childhood Education
    • Discontinue Sale of Competitive Foods During School Hours
    • Limit Frequency of Lock Down Drills


Every year, Virginia’s local PTA units approve a legislation program that represents its official position on a wide variety of issues affecting children and youth. The program consists of legislative action items and policy statements. Previously approved position statements and convention resolutions automatically become a part of the program. The program is the basis for official testimony by the PTA at legislative hearings and before other agencies. Statements can be cited by a PTA member when contacting a legislator about a bill that falls within the scope of the program. As long as they do not conflict with the program, local units and councils may support legislative items not in Virginia PTA’s Legislation Program. Be sure to use your PTA’s name and not Virginia PTA.

How is the PLP developed?

  • After each session of the General Assembly, the state PTA Legislation Committee drafts a preliminary program based on suggestions received from PTA members and other organizations, action taken by the General Assembly, and convention resolutions from the past four years.
  • The preliminary proposed program is delivered to each local unit, council and district. PTA members have an opportunity to comment on the draft program at District workshops in the spring or by mail to the state legislation chairman before the Board of Managers consider it.
  • The Board of Managers discusses the draft at a public session during its spring board meeting, and approves a proposed program, which is sent to all local unit presidents.
  • In the fall, each PTA district in the state holds a meeting to discuss the proposed program. To better understand the program local units should send several persons to this meeting. Since 1993, every local PTA in the state has been given the opportunity to vote on the proposed program.
  • PTA presidents receive a copy of the program and a tally sheet in a summer mailing. After voting, the tally sheet is sent to the appropriate district director in October.

Stay tuned for the 2021 PLP!

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