National and Virginia PTA Positions


Want to know where the PTA stands on various public policy issues? Here is where you can find out PTA positions, resolutions, and what issues the PTA is most concerned about.

Virginia PTA provides a comprehensive overview of its positions consistent with the National PTA to aid in the development of new resolutions, and assist local units in responding to questions regarding positions of the Virginia PTA on various issues. Interpretation of the Virginia PTA position requires referral to the appropriate resolutions, position/policy statements, priority items, or legislative action items.

The Legislative Positions document is only a reference to all current resolutions and position/policy statements since 1984 The information is paraphrased and not the complete position of the Virginia PTA, and therefore, cannot be used to quote Virginia PTA position.

Representing Virginia PTA is a significant responsibility and local unit bylaws contain communication guidelines. For assistance in interpretation or support in answering inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.