Fairfax County Public Schools

Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) is divided into five regions. One of the largest school districts in the nation; FCPS follows a, “Portrait Of A Graduate” philosophy that moves to, “support student success in school and in life”.

Registration information for each school is found on their individual websites. In general, registration information begins to become available in March. Boundary information may be found here. Specialized programs like language immersion and magnet schools hold lotteries in early spring. Information sessions are often held after winter break. Deadlines are subject to change.

The county offers School Age Child Care (SACC)  at many FCPS elementary schools for before and after school care

Special Education

FCPS offers a large variety of special education instruction. The following is a list of special education program sites – please note that this is not a static list. There are itinerant programs for those students that are deaf or hard of hearing, as well as enhanced autism classrooms for the pre-k and elementary population. Contact information for special services, to include procedural support liaisons, may be found here. The Special Education Process handbook for FCPS is available in multiple languages.

Early Childhood Education and Elementary Schools

FCPS has more than 140 elementary schools. There are several specialty schools, including language immersion and magnet arts & sciences schools, as well as Advanced Academic Placement, an International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Program, and Special Education instruction.

Early Childhood Education in FCPS is offered in many elementary schools. Both the PreK (ages 3-4, with preference given to four-year-olds) and Early Head Start programs (education for infants, toddlers, and expectant mothers) have income requirements. Child Find screenings are free to children ages 20 months to 5 years. Early Childhood Child Find identifies children with potential special education needs and educates the community about the important of early childhood education.

FCPS has organized (by region) specialized special education sites. Individual student placement is dependent upon specific needs as seen in the student’s IEP. Note that while there are programs where only students in that base school are permitted, students may also have pupil-placement for specific programs.

Advanced Academic Placement (AAP) evaluation is typically done initially during the second grade year. Students are referred based on testing and academic performance and there is also the opportunity for parents to self-refer. The referral period happens between the beginning of school and winter break. New families that move into FCPS boundaries, including military families, are able to be identified for immediate placement following registration at their local school.

There are several FCPS elementary schools that feature language immersion opportunities. Spanish, Japanese, French, German, and Korean language immersion programs may be accessed via school or county-wide lottery programs, depending on the location.

There are three elementary-level magnet schools in FCPS. Bailey’s Lower (K-2), Bailey’s Upper (3-5), and Hunters Woods (K-5) collaborate with government agencies, academia, and art institutions to integrate learning through the arts & sciences.


Middle Schools

Some middle schools are grades 6-8, although the majority are 7-8. There are also several secondary schools, which range from grades 7-12. Academics for middle schools may be found here

Carson Middle School

Cooper Middle School

Franklin Middle School

Frost Middle School

Glasgow Middle School

Herndon Middle School

Holmes Middle School

Hughes Middle School

Irving Middle School

Jackson Middle School

Key Middle School

Kilmer Middle School

Lanier Middle School

Liberty Middle School

Longfellow Middle School

Poe Middle School

Rocky Run Middle School

Sandburg Middle School

South County Middle School

Stone Middle School

Thoreau Middle School

Twain Middle School

Whitman Middle School

High & Secondary Schools (Listed Alphabetically)

All high schools in FCPS offer either AAP or IB option. There is the opportunity to Pupil Place (go to a different school based on your academics needs) but there is a fee unless you live on a military installation. Fairfax County Public Schools offers a huge variety of Academies and Specialized Education. Academies are centers within an existing high school (the reason some of the columns in the list below are blank) that offers advanced technical and specialized elective courses for students interested in pursuing careers in International Studies and Business; Engineering and Scientific Technology; Health and Human Services; or Communications and the Arts.

Links to FCPS High Schools & Secondary Schools Academics, Registrar, Course Catalog, Counselors, & Student Activities.