Alexandria City Public Schools

Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) believes in equity, empowerment and inspiring students to thrive. There are eighteen schools: 1 PreK, 12 Elementary, 2 K-8, 2 Middle, and 1 High School spanning multiple campuses (grade 9 and grades 10-12 are separated). Registration and enrollment is done through the central office and requires a variety of documents and steps, beginning with discovering your zoned school(s)

The Talented and Gifted (TAG) Program has a specific identification process as well as a self-referral opportunity. The automatic referral process begins in first grade. 

The Office of Specialized Instruction coordinates learning for the special education population.  

Early Education

Alexandria City Public Schools has three early childhood education components. Eligibility and locations are found at the link.

Elementary & Middle Levels  

There are Spanish-English two-way dual language programs at four schools.  

K-5 Expectations are listed out by level here. You may find the list of PreK-5 schools at the ACPS website

There are two middle schools in Alexandria City, both 6th-8th grade. For information, please visit each school’s website, listed below. ACPS provides differentiated services beyond the regular curriculum for children in grades K-12 whose accomplishments and/or demonstrated abilities indicate the need for such services. Visit the ACPS TAG page to learn more about TAG (Talented and Gifted) services offered through ACPS. 

Francis C. Hammond Middle School (Grades 6-8)

4646 Seminary Road, Alexandria, VA 22304
Tel: 703-461-4100
Fax: 703-461-4111
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George Washington Middle School (Grades 6-8)

1005 Mount Vernon Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22301
Tel: 703-706-4500
Fax: 703-299-7597
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There are also two K-8th IB schools. The IB programs focus on developing the whole child so that they gain the intellectual, personal, emotional, and social skills needed to live, learn, and work in a rapidly globalizing world.

Jefferson-Houston PreK-8 IB School (Grades PreK-8)

1501 Cameron Street, Alexandria, VA 22314
Tel: 703-706-4400
Fax: 703-836-7923
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Patrick Henry K-8 School (Grades K-8)

4643 Taney Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22304
Tel: 703-461-4170
Fax: 703-823-3350
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The National Junior Honor Society is a service organization for students who have displayed scholarship, leadership, service, character, and citizenship.  Students are eligible to apply for NJHS at the end of their 7th-grade year. Once selected, students will participate in service projects throughout their 8th-grade year. 

Planning your child’s middle and high school program of studies is essential to ensure your child’s success in meeting graduation requirements under Virginia’s Standards of Learning, preparing for the future, and exploring his/her talents, abilities, and interests. Planning guides are designed to provide you and your child with information about academic requirements and options to assist in the planning process.

High School 

Alexandria City High School is broken up into ten learning academies, or smaller learning community groups. Students in ninth grade remain with their same groups throughout the school year. When students move to tenth grade, they will remain with the same learning academy and administrator through graduation. The leadership team may be found here and registrar information here. Athletics and clubs information is here.   

ACPS has a partnership with George Mason University, called the Early Identification Program (EIP). ACPS also offers support through alternative education, including Sheltercare.   

Career and Technical Education is available.