Health and Safety

The goal of PTA’s health and safety programming is to be a resource for PTA parents and leaders in partnering with schools to create safe environments which encourage healthy, safe choices and social and emotional support for all students. PTAs have a role in advocating for or supporting health and safety changes at every level of a child’s learning environment. When PTAs and schools work together, they can address the health and safety topics most relevant to their local school needs. Check out Virginia PTA’s information and resources for teachers and parents, including bullying, digital and internet safety, safe and supportive schools, and the importance of recess –


The Healthy Lifestyles Initiative provides PTAs with education and tools to partner with schools and advocate for healthy changes in nutrition and physical activity. In a healthy school:

  • All foods, beverages and snacks sold or served meet National School Nutrition Standards.
  • All students have opportunities to be physically active on a regular basis.
  • All students have access to regular physical education.
  • District wide wellness policies are developed, implemented and evaluated with input from students, parents, staff and interested community members.

What PTAs Can Do