Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote the goals of PTA – supporting and speaking on behalf of children in our schools, helping parents to be effective guardians and role models for their children, and encouraging greater parental involvement at the school level – through the dissemination of information, promotion of legislative participation, and provision of skill development and enhancement to local and council PTAs.

Onevoice ” is a term we hear often in PTA. It is part of the national logo and of the slogan. But what does it really mean? Children cannot vote, and are not organized and do not participate in the legislative process. Thus, they have no say in creating the policies that affect their lives and well-being. PTA’s exclusive interest is the health, welfare, safety and education of our children. The PTA allows you to speak for the interest of your children when you cannot be there yourself.

Unit executive boards are often confronted with questions as to why their local unit should be concerned about what the District, State, or even National level PTA is doing and what role we have to play in these organizations. You may hear these same questions.

In response you may ask, do you and your children wear seat belts when riding in a vehicle? Does the school serve hot lunches? Have your children been vaccinated against polio? Have you ever attended a parent/teacher conference? If they answer “yes” to even one of these questions, then they had been affected by the advocacy efforts of the PTA. And the issues that PTA is tackling today are no less important: Internet safety, youth violence, education reform, and school class size to name just a few.

We are the voices of our children, but only when we speak up. Northern Virginia District PTA is the largest district PTA in the state of Virginia and we are in the top ten in the nation. Please exercise your voice by participating in all legislative actions, including voting on Virginia PTA legislative policy and position proposals. Together our voices can be heard to make a difference in the lives of our children.

PTA can make a difference….but only with your help

Every child Onevoice

On behalf of your children, be that voice!