Board Duties


  • DISTRICT DIRECTOR. The District Director serves as a member of the VA PTA Board of Managers and coordinator of the district.
  • ASSISTANT DIRECTOR. The Assistant Director acts as an aide to the District Director.
  • SECRETARY/TREASURER. The Secretary coordinates all meeting minutes, reports, and finances.



  • Is the liaison between the local unit and Virginia PTA.
  • Develops a Plan of Work which includes responsibilities assigned to Assistant Director(s). Submit District Plan of Works to State President 60 days after election.
  • Presides at all District Executive Board Meetings.
  • Presides at the District Annual Meeting, District Spring Legislation Workshop, and District Fall Legislation Meeting.
  • Is expected to attend and take part in council/local unit conferences and workshops upon request.
  • Works closely with the State President and the President-elect in implementing the state programs and strengthening PTA work in the district.
  • Takes lead and assists in organizing new councils and units within the district.
  • Helps provide leadership training through setting up or assisting councils to set up leadership training workshops.
  • Keeps in touch with all members of the District Executive Committee in order to keep them informed of developments.
  • Submits District Meeting Dates, District Officers and Committee Chairs, and District Volunteer of the Year to State Office by June 1. Works with District Treasurer and District Secretary to ensure all required forms are submitted to State Office by June 1.



  • Act as an aide to the District Director in fulfilling the above duties as designated by the District Director.
  • Represent the District Director when needed at District meetings and Virginia PTA Board of Managers meetings when required.
  • Obtains training as offered in fulfilling their responsibilities to the district.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.



  • Keeps accurate minutes of meetings and forwards copies to the Director within 15 days of meeting. Maintains file for approved minutes.
  • Forwards copies of all approved minutes of Executive Board meetings and general meetings with credentials report to State Office by June 1.
  • Receive and file reports from officers, chairmen, councils and local PTA/PTSA units.
  • Maintains the official copy of the district bylaws in files.
  • Carries on necessary correspondence and other delegated duties as assigned by district executive board or director.



  • Deposits all district funds as prescribed by the Virginia PTA.
  • Disburses funds upon order of the Director in accordance with the District Budget.
  •  Presents financial reports at Executive Board Meetings and general meetings.
  •  Prepares District Allotment Budget for Executive Board approval to be submitted to VA PTA by February 1.
  • Prepares District Other Income Budget for presentation to general membership at Annual Meeting.
  • Serves as a member of the District Budget Committee.
  • Assumes joint responsibility with the Director for sending to the State Office before June 1 a copy of the annual financial reports and a copy of the other income adopted budget.
  • Performs other delegated duties as assigned by district executive board or director.